Engelbrektsloppet 2023

4 February - 13 February 2023 Norberg - Sweden

On the 1th of December 2022, the cross country skiing season will start in Norberg. B&B Rutgården is perfectly located to enjoy this cross county skiing, feel welcome!


Picturesque town!

This is the town where our Bed and Breakfast is located. Its picturesque center is well known in Sweden! In the middle of the town there is a walking tour that you can follow to see all the highlights. The walking route comes past our house, so it is easy to start!


Discover the blue water cave!
Klackberg - Norberg

This beautiful area is an old mining area, which is more than 100 years old. Here you can find multiple hiking tracks, with nice views and a cave where you can see the beautiful blue water. In the winter there is a ski slope, to enjoy!

Engelsberg Bruk

Iron making factory from 1681
Engelsbergs bruk

Engelsbergs bruk was one of the most modern iron making factories in Sweden. It dates back from 1681, and it is one of the latest factories where you can still see the old buildings and installations. You can make a nice walk here in the area, and read more about all the facilities. The entrance of this area is for free, and you will drive here in about 20 minutes.